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“Whatever doesn't kill you -

makes you stranger”

In the summer of 2019 director Ealeal Semel and Roy Chen, the chief dramaturge of Gesher theatre, accompanied the creation of the annual performance of the "Shahaf" school, where youths receiving "day-treatment" study alongside those hospitalized in the closed ward of the "Abarbanel" Centre for Mental Health.
As part of their drama classes, the children have written texts about themselves, their joy ,pain and fears. After a month, they took to the stage for a sole performance before their parents, medical staff, and fellow patients.
This new Israeli drama is like a window into the lives of the medical team, the patients, their parents – and inside their souls. But is is also the story of every one of us, because these teens come from all walks of life, every social class and community – They are just like us. They’re just a high volume version of us.

An important note: "Someone Like Me" is an original play. Any resemblance between the characters and real people is entirely coincidental.
The characters in the play are based on the ghosts of friends we have lost, those on the edge, and others, who have managed to make their way back.


How to play “Someone Like Me”
The game was developed in the 1970`s as part of the New Games movement, aspiring to create noncompetitive options for popular party games. The game is also called

“A Cold Wind Blows”, and it is popular both as an icebreaker, and as a theatre warm-up game for actors and non-actor s alike. 


How do you play?
A set of chairs, one less than the number of players, is arranged in a circle. The first player stands in the middle of the circle and proclaims “someone like me who likes…” or “someone like me who hates…” or “someone like me who always…” Anyone among the participants who feels the saying applies to them - stands up and finds a different seat. The last one standing continues by sharing another fact about themselves, and so on. With no winners or losers, the aim of the game is to find someone like you.

Roy Chen

Someone Like Me

Director: Ealeal Semel

Stage & Costume Design, lion mask:
Polina Adamov

Music: Ronnie Reshef

Light: Eliyahu Saravayski



Dr. Yoresh: Gilad Kletter

Naama, the drama teacher: Tom Antopolsky

Fathers: Ori Yaniv

Mothers: Karin Serrouya

Alma: Neta Roth

Barak: Noam Frank

Bat-Sheva: Ruth Senderovich

Emanuel: Solo Geva

Tom: Sophia Golan

Piano: Adam Chen

Cello: Alma Bar Sinai

Sound: Felix Shaposhnik, Maxim Habdeyuk
Light: Ilya Saravaisky
Stage managers: Dan Manor, Irena Orlov


Performance production
Set: Yury Suchanov

and the Workshops of Gesher Theatre
Wardrobe: Alexander Gatlin
Props: Olga Berezin


First performance: 27 of December 2019
Duration of the performance:

1 hour 40 minutes without intermission


Executive producer: Roman Kvetner
Technical director: Maxim Rosenberg

Artistic Director: Yevgeny Arye
Director General: Lena Kreindlin

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